When you are bringing a group of people to a big event such as a trade fair, sports tournament, or choir competition, having a uniform look to your outfits can go a long way in terms of presenting a professional image to your team.  The best way to do this is through custom T-shirts.  Atlanta Falcons fans are very familiar with the eye-catching, stylish apparel made by Shop Home Team. And yes, we apply our same standards of professionalism and variety of shirt style options to your shirts that we use when making garments to represent a professional sports team. This includes shirts for your graduating class, startup business, volunteer group, family reunion, church youth group, high school Latin club, or adult kickball team.

Custom T-Shirts Don’t Have to be Tacky

Sometimes custom T-shirts get a negative image in the media, because when they are not done well, they really can look silly and unflattering.  We have all probably seen people wearing shirts that very obviously look like they come from those “your photo on a shirt” screen printing kiosks in the mall.  They have distorted images of what were originally three by five photos, enlarged to larger than life proportions. Someone’s grandchildren, who are probably adorable in real life, can look downright scary staring out at you from the shirt with their enormous eyes and halfway grown-in permanent teeth.  And then, emblazoned across the top of the picture is a phrase in garish colors in a bubble letter font superimposed on the shirt by a computer program old enough to be Photoshop’s grandfather.

And those are just individual shirts.  When an entire church group or cheerleading squad has to agree on a design and color scheme for a T-shirt, the result is usually a shirt that looks good on no one.  Much like with bridesmaids’ dresses, non-professionally designed and printed custom T-shirts tend to be the type of clothing article you never wear again once the event is over.  It is no surprise that these kinds of shirts tend to end up for sale at thrift stores, where sharp-eyed hipsters look for the tackiest ones and wear them for comic effect.

The world of custom T-shirt printing has come a long way, and the era of flat looking, somewhat stiff images in a big rectangle on a shapeless white T-shirt is coming to an end.  At Shop Home Team, we stay on top of the latest fashion designs, with shirts that look like they could have come from a major retailer, except that they are customized for your team or event.

Less is More

One of the worst stereotypes about custom designed, screen printed shirts is that their designs tend to be excessively colorful and busy.  That is not the case with our shirts.  Much like Falcons fan shirts that you would buy directly from the team at games, or like the graphic tees that you would buy at clothing stores, usually only a portion of the shirt has writing and images on it.  For example, some of our graduation shirts just say “Seniors” on the front, and the rest of the front of the shirt is just a solid color.  At Shop Home Team we believe that well-designed graphic tees do not have to shout loudly to get their message across.  In addition, you can choose from a wide variety of contemporary colors of shirts for your family reunion or other special events.  Once you have chosen the design, we can print as many or as few of the shirts as you want in the sizes your team members need.  The available styles of shirts go far beyond basic T-shirts that look like undershirts except slightly thicker.  We offer a variety of sleeve designs and necklines, including V-neck shirts, and some of our shirt designs are made of very lightweight cotton that moves easily and is perfect for the hot summers in Atlanta.

Custom Made Shirts Make It Easy to Present a Professional Image at Your Event

You may have bad memories of wearing poorly designed custom T-shirts for group events in high school, but you probably have even worse memories of trying to put together a uniform outfit for a group event. Maybe it was a high school choir performance or being in the chorus of your elementary school play, where you had to find all the pieces of the outfit on your own, according to specifications.  You would get a list of what kind of shirt, pants, shoes, jacket, hat, or even socks and gloves that each person in the group had to wear; then, you and your parents would embark on a wild goose chase to stores all over the city.  So all the boys ended up wearing black pants and button-down white shirts, and all the girls wore button-down white shirts, but no one liked what they were wearing. The clothes didn’t particularly look alike, and you could still feel the stress from the scavenger hunt required to assemble the pieces of these makeshift uniforms.  The result was anything but professional.

Makeshift uniforms might be fine for a high school choir concert, but they really do not invoke an image of professionalism for a business representing itself at a trade fair, for example.  The way to look professional is to have professionally made shirts for each member of your team.  Getting them all in the same size makes it look like you didn’t know, until the day of the event, who would show up.  Therefore, it is much better to order each shirt according to the size of the person who will be wearing it.  The result is that your team members will be happy with their shirts, and they will wear them proudly at every event where they represent your organization.

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