Printing Custom t shirts with Home Team Apparel

There is a new craze around the screenprinting world it is Printing Custom T-shirts. There are many ways that you can print them I want to talk about a few ways to print custom T-shirts in this blog. 

Heat transfer vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl is a new way to print custom T-shirts without having a large quantity to print. Heat transfer vinyl or H TV comes in a multitude of colors and styles. There are no minimums when you use it and you only need three parts to start in a basic custom T-shirt environment. Those three things are heat transfer vinyl, a small cutter, and a heat press machine. Obviously you need T-shirts or another garment to print on but those are the basics.

DTG or direct to garment custom T-shirt printing is another way to print custom t shirts with small runs. Direct to garment custom shirt printing is pretty self-explanatory. You are printing directly onto the T-shirt or garment via a printer that pulls in the T-shirt. It is the closest in look to screen printing in my personal experience. It can be rather expensive to get into but the unit cost per piece is lower. 

Opaque Transfers

Custom T-shirt printing with opening transfers is one of the original ways to print custom T-shirts in small runs. You print these with a desktop ink jet printer and regular ink. You are limited with what you can print As well as the shape of the object you print but it is probably the most cost affective way to get into printing custom T-shirts. A small tip, I personally like to print only dark Opaque Heat transfers because the look is more crisp to me and do you washability is better. 

Sublimation printing

Sublimation custom T-shirt printing is another great way to print custom T-shirts. Sublimation printing or 3-D printing is most commonly known for full Picture custom t shirts. There are a multitude of other items you can customize with sublimation but custom T-shirts are the most widely known. Do you print process is the transferring of the image one paper to a gas onto the T-shirt or garment. It can be rather expensive to get into as well depending on the size you would like to enter at.

So for the most part you have multiple levels you can answer custom T-shirt printing at. It all depends on budget as well as your learning capabilities. Feel free to email me or comment below to get feedback on what you’re thinking about doing and what level.

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