Organizing Custom Family Reunion T-shirt Beginners Guide

Early spring every year is usually when everyone starts to think about preparing for their family reunion. There are a few things that go into the preparation for example location, invites, maybe food menu, but last family reunion T-shirts. Now this tends to be a hard process for some Families but it really doesn’t have to be. I’ll list a few things that can make your Family Reunion T-shirt order much easier.

Set a family reunion committee.

Now this means the world, organization. Simply putting a family reunion committee in place will save you tons of wasted time and energy while allowing you to be efficient. For everything that you will have to do put a committee representative in charge of it especially family reunion T-shirt. This will make it much easier and fluid.

Come up with a design idea.

When you do this keep in mind that you should limit certain options. Communicate with the committee first on potential color options as a start. From there gather family information such as family name and also the date and location of the family reunion. This will help you a lot when dealing with the different potential vendors you will have to deal with. 

Contact home team apparel with details.

Go on our website or email us or even come into the store to get us details for your family reunion T-shirts. We already have templates that can be used for this event and we also can’t customize art for you.

Beans needed to price family reunion shirt orders appropriately

A. Color of T-shirts

B. Quantity needed for order

C. Color of print

D. Locations that we are printing on. For example:front or back

E. Order due date

Most family reunion T-shirt orders take 5 to 14 business days to turn around depending on workload.

From there you can be priced appropriately, and you can also relax a bit. The rest of the work is on us! I hope this helps ease your custom T-shirt order for your family reunion. If there are any questions please email us or comment below. Looking forward to a great family reunion season.

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