Marketing techniques have changed tremendously over the last decade. However, there are some forms of marketing that remain true to form and that includes custom t-shirts. T-shirts are memorable and when they are produced, they become wearable, walking billboards for your business. The right t-shirt will catch the eye and interest of someone- it intrigues them enough to want to read it and learn more about your business.

The same is the case with uniform apparel. The right uniform will offer the perfect fit, bright, vivid color and graphics and be made of quality materials that will withstand sweat, wear and tear and still perform over time.

When you’re thinking about creating your next custom t-shirt in Atlanta, bear in mind these factors as you begin tossing ideas around:

The Graphics

Make it even more interesting by giving your audience more than just something to read. When it comes to picking the right graphics for your custom t-shirt, you can opt on using your logo, or go for something fun that falls in line with the campaign or catch phrase that you are running with. Don’t overdo it with too many graphics, or by using such an array of colors that your shirt becomes too busy. Keep your graphics clean and concise- and the same should be true for your verbiage.

Your Catch Phrase

Sure, your business name and tagline are important, but if it isn’t interesting to read, you want to change it up. Now is the time to be innovative. Ask a question that will make someone arch an eyebrow when they read it, urging them to proceed to the next line to see the answer. Then, answer that question with a playful explanation on your business and what you do. Explain why your business is needed to solve the problem at hand. Keep it friendly and light and aim for humor. If you can illicit a chuckle, you’ve just turned someone  reading your t-shirt into a business lead.

The Importance of Social Media

The last thing you want to get out of your t-shirt is for your newly interested leads to follow up to learn more about you. You’ve piqued their interest- now finalize your call to action with references to your social media and where they can follow you. If it’s done right, people will pull out their phones right away to follow you after reading your clever t-shirt.

Tip: If you haven’t already, make sure that all of your social media is cohesive- meaning you have one @Screenname across all of your social media platforms to make your business easy to locate.

If you are seeking t-shirt printing in Atlanta for events, family, churches, sports teams, businesses and so much more, Home Team Apparel offers screen printing, custom printing and a plethora of quality t-shirt options to suit your needs. Contact us today to design your custom t-shirt and receive a free quote.

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