At most public events, people would be embarrassed to find that they arrived dressed identically to someone else. Of course, there are some occasions where uniformity of dress is desirable, or even expected. Bridesmaids often wear matching dresses, and groomsmen wear identical suits and ties. People in the orchestra or chorus of a play often dress alike. Coordinating those outfits can be quite a big project.


Fortunately, for more casual occasions, you can easily design custom T-shirts. Atlanta sports teams, school groups, and volunteer organizations have used custom T-shirts for years. Of course, the activity does not have to be so formally organized for custom printed shirts to be an appropriate thing to wear.


What’s So Great About Custom T-Shirts?


Custom T-shirts help you simultaneously blend in and stand out. At a crowded, chaotic event, it is easy to find members of your team. If you are traveling with a group of children, custom shirts can prevent them from getting separated from the group. At competitions, custom printed shirts enhance the feeling of team spirit. It is a boost to your team’s morale when they see that your team is


30 Occasions Where a Custom T-Shirt Is the Most Appropriate Thing to Wear


  1. An end-of- the-year- class party, with customized T-shirts for the fifth grade “graduating class”
  2. For an engagement
  3. A large group traveling to a crowded theme park
  4. An adult kickball league
  5. a sorority event/fraternity event
  6. A baby shower
  7. A way for fans of bands to show their appreciation
  8. As a bar mitzvah party favor
  9. For bridesmaids at a bachelorette party
  10. As a uniform for chaperones on school field trips
  11. A hometown chili cook-off
  12. Uniforms for a girl scout or boy scout troop
  13. Summer camp
  14. As a uniform for a school fundraiser car wash
  15. A family reunion
  16. A high school pep rally
  17. A bake sale for a school or church
  18. A philanthropy event
  19. Uniforms at a locally owned restaurant or other local business
  20. The cast party after a school play
  21. A bowling league
  22. Bar trivia night
  23. A uniform for freshman orientation staff
  24. A way to keep track of kindergarteners on school field trips
  25. Blood drive “party favors”
  26. As a Mother’s Day gift
  27. As a show of support for a meaningful cause
  28. As a uniform to be worn during a 5K charity run
  29. As funny gifts for an office holiday party


Home Team Apparel lets you design custom printed T-shirts for almost any occasion. On the Home Team Apparel site, Atlanta Falcons fans will find much to love. You can also customize your own shirt design for a family reunion or any other special event.


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